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Teimuraz Matcharashvili





Teimuraz Matcharashvili, Principal Scientist at Prometheus Inc., is also Senior Scientist and Head of the Department of Dynamics of Geophysical Fields at the M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics and Professor at the Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia. He holds a Ph. D. degree in biological physics (from Highest Attestation Commission of the USSR, Moscow 1988) and the Degree of Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics (from Tbilisi State University, 2003). He has published more than 80 papers in different fields such as biophysics, linguistics, geophysics and atmospheric physics.

His current interests include quantitative and qualitative investigation of dynamics of complicated natural and technical processes, development of modern methods of nonlinear time-series analysis and their implementation in different fields of science such as geophysics, seismology, atmospheric physics, biophysics, etc.

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